Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Animals Care In Brunei

CAS banner taken from their blog
Wondering how to contact the Animals Care in Brunei Darussalam? Click the link below.

Not just the Environment, Animals too need care from us. So this is where CAS or Care & Actions for Strays comes in. CAS is a group formed for animals care in Brunei Darussalam. This is the description of their group:

"A group of friends has set up "Care & Actions for Strays" aiming to improve the lives of the strays in Brunei. We have a mission to educate the public the importance of spaying/neutering to control pet overpopulation, against animals' abuse, killings, poisoning and pets ownerships' responsibility. There are many Bruneians who are still ignorant about Animal Welfare. We aim to educate as many people as we could and we need your support !"

So to all Bruneian, if you have extra money to spare, or you care about the Animals, please help support them. More details about them can be found on their blog. Please Care, Thank you :-)