Forest Han Eco-Care is here to share about the Environment around us especially in my country Brunei Darussalam, and also about my JENESYS Program trip. This is my way to repay the kindness of JENESYS Program and Japan.

Since coming back from my June 2008 JENESYS Program Japan trip, I've had presented about the program and the care for environment in different schools, higher institutions & in a University. Now i start this blog to continue to share with more viewers, so what i gain from the JENESYS Program will reach out to more people. 

The June 2008 JENESYS Program had fulfill my dream to visit Japan, build my Leadership skill and enhanced my knowledge about the Environment. It also allowed me to experienced Japanese culture & lifestyle through daily schedules and homestay, and also the opportunity to meet people in Japan and from other countries. From here i would like to say 

"Thank you very much Japan"