Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Occupation: Cleaner

Photo Source: Internet
A lot of people don't pay much attention to the cleaners' job or to them in a way of speaking. That's why littering or disregard of cleanliness in the society exist. But have you ever wonder how your facilities, neighbourhood, town, city or even your country would become without the cleaners around to do the "Tidy Up"? Please take some time to think about it.

Many people only how to talk about environmental awareness, but talk is talk, action is action. Anyone can talk about something, but who is going to do the job. Some people blame certain authority for not doing the clean up, but I ask you who is to be blame here? For any place to be clean, it must start with the individual mind-set and attitude. Don't just say its other peoples' problem, it's your responsibility too. Small action can really make a difference too. Just like the cleaners, they may be just doing their job, but they too are an Environmentalist.